Transland has been making spreaders since the early fifties, first from aluminum for sliding gates on Stearmans, then using stainless steel when the Swathmaster began production in 1959. Since 1965, virtually all spreaders have been made with stainless steel. With higher speed aircraft being developed, the stainless steel has gone from .020 to .032 thick sheets.

Transland spreaders are available in various configurations to fit Transland gate boxes. Various vane depths are available depending on the type of application required.
Key Features:

  • Two over-center latches, together with camloc fasteners, hold the spreader securely to the gate box.
  • Spreader installation or removal requires only a few minutes.
  • Hanger kits for some aircraft are available to attach the trailing edge to the fuselage (users should provide hangers to the trailing edge if hanger kits are not available from Transland)

The large and small Swathmasters are the same standard models that have been produced continuously by Transland since 1958. The small Swathmasters are used with the standard Transland 9-1/2″ x 25″ gate box. The Swathmaster is connected by quick disconnect clamps directly to the gate box, allowing easy installation and removal by the operator.