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CP Aerial Nozzles are the leading nozzles used with Aerial Applicators around the world.

Satloc develops the world’s most advanced GPS Guidance and Flow Control products for the aerial application market.

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CPproducts brings the same trusted technology that serves over 90% of aerial applicators.

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Accu-Flo Nozzle

The only nozzle of its kind, the Accu-Flo™ Radial Nozzle is a uniquely designed spray nozzle for precision applications.

Hi-Tek Rotary Nozzels

Excellent tool for insecticide/fungicide work.

5″ Hydraulic Gate Box

Connect Satloc G4 to run gate.
New and improved design.

Boom Shut-off Kits

Compact Design reduces drag and effect on spray pattern. Options to include full right shut-off.

7.5″ Hydraulic Gate

Connect Satloc G4 to run gate. Kit options with Accumulator for added durability.

New Patent Pending Process

Removes the need for welding at the outlets, maintaining the strength and durability of the steel.

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